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  • The Mythos as MythUs summer school program studies myth and popular narrative, from antiquity to the present, as being humanity‚Äôs voice, long-shared, with which to respond to harsh realities; to times of crisis; and to distress that impacts entire communities.This Summer School is a blended-learning program that consists of an online preparation class and a ten-day live attendance summer school (24 Jun 2024 to 3 Jul 2024) of face-to-face classes in Athens as well as fieldwork on the island of Antiparos, Cyclades, and group and/or guided tours in and around Attica and Athens. The program includes 9 modules divided into 3 groups, each focusing on a different topic: Topic 1: Myth in Ancient Greek and other Ancient Cultures Topic 2: The Role of Myth in Response to Dread, Disruption, and Disaster Topic 3: Narrating in Modern and Contemporary Society.

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  • Myth Ancient Cultures Folk Narratives Legends Folk Culture Popular Culture
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  • Folklore studies
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  • English language
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