Study in Greece

MatSiG is another web-based tool developed as part of the Study in Greece project with the purpose of improving communication between end users and Greek educational organizations in the context of promoting the internationalization and extroversion of Greek universities.

What is MatSiG

MatSiG is a digital platform that intends to assist the effective mapping of academic activities offered by Greek Universities, Educational Institutions, and Cultural groups, as well as the sharing of information between them and any other interested parties. Users may browse through a range of MatSiGs*, such as Bachelors, Masters, Summer and Winter Schools, Internships, Conferences, and so on, to find programs that meet their needs.

*MatSiG: requesting and offering entities for activities, programs, etc. found in the marketplace


Universities and other registered Institutions and Organizations can post information on programs and activities that they provide or seek, such as collaborative programs, internships, short-term schools, exchange programs, and so on.

MatSiG addresses the Greek and worldwide academic communities, providing users with the option, depending on their kind, to:

  • Post events and programs in order to identify partners and participants are seeking for programs,
  • Search for activities in which they might engage or join.
  • How

    Depending on your requirements, you may discover two fundamental approaches for using our digital platform. If you're seeking for partners or attendees for a freshly planned event, you'll choose the "Create" route. The second approach ("Search") is appropriate if you are looking for a specific event or academic program.

    Create a MatSiG

    On the platform, create your event or program.


    Make your post public in order to attract partners.


    Begin organizing your event and disseminating it on our marketplace to attract participants.

    Search a Matsig

    Make use of powerful filters to get the program that is right for you.

    Express Interest

    Express your interest to cooperate or participate in a program.


    Seize the opportunity to collaborate with new partners or to take part in an exciting event.

    MatSiGs' Categories

    Depending on your needs, you may be able to locate the program or event you're looking for by browsing our MatSiGs categories.

    Dissemination Events
    Short-term Events