Future-ready transport, shipping, and logistics: Rethinking competence and skills-REFOCUS2024
  • Description
  • The summer school entitled "Future-ready Transport, Shipping, and Logistics: Rethinking competence and skills" offers a comprehensive educational experience, integrating six distinct courses that collectively prepare participants for the dynamic future of these industries. Covering critical topics such as sustainability, resilience, big data analytics, climate neutrality, safety, collaboration strategies, and port innovation, this program equips attendees with the competence and skills needed for excellence in the rapidly evolving transport, shipping, and logistics sectors. By emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and collaborative approaches, it fosters a forward-thinking mindset essential for success in these interconnected and ever-changing fields.

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  • Keywords
  • Transport Shipping Logistics Sustainability Resilience Equity Climate Neutrality Collaboration Strategies
  • Subject Categories
  • Economics and Business
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  • English language
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perm_contact_calendarDr. Ioanna Pagoni – ipagoni@aegean.gr

Dr. Maria Karatsoli – mkaratsoli@aegean.gr Dr. Ioannis Karakikes – ikarakikes@aegean.gr